Conservation and Community



The Bushcamp Company supports conservation activities and projects in South Luangwa National Park, providing extensive funding and resources for anti-snaring/anti-poaching patrols, aerial surveillance, and predator monitoring. All of these activities require continuous funding and support to protect our wildlife.

In addition to the funds we raise directly, we also pursue match-funding, thereby often doubling the direct impact of the funding.

Community Projects

Our Commit to Clean Water programme focuses on bringing fresh drinking water to the local communities. To date, we have drilled over 250 boreholes, each of which provides safe clean drinking water to over 300 people per day.

This easy access to clean water means that residents are no longer forced to travel to the nearest river to obtain water, often encountering hippos, crocodiles, elephants, or even more dangerous predators. In addition, the river water is not clean and can cause health problems if used as drinking water. The boreholes, which are sited with input from local community leaders, have proved life-changing for thousands of local residents.

In addition to our borehole-drilling project, we also have a Meal-A-Day programme, where we feed nearly 4000 students one meal a day at local schools during school terms. This project has led to increased attendance and higher test scores.

We have also constructed three 1 x 6 classroom blocks at a local school, providing 18 classrooms for a school whose students previously sat on benches underneath a tree. We have constructed a total of 41 classrooms, 6 ablution blocks, and 5 dormitories at local schools. We also sponsor over 350 students annually through primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

We have an ongoing tree-planting project, engaging local youth to teach them the importance of conservation and combating deforestation.